Zac Efron shirtless

Zac Efron plays the young jock version of Matthew Perry in the New Line Cinema “17 Again”. Even though Zac was nearly 22 when he made this movie, it’s easy to believe that he could be a 17 year old high school student. No matter what you like about this young stud, you’ll see it. The opening scene shows him shirtless and sweaty shooting baskets. His dark glistening skin shows off his abs and chest nicely.

Mike O’Donnell is older now with a job, wife, and kids. Too bad his job is shaky, his wife is filing divorce, and his kids have no respect for him.

When he Mike gets a second chance, he loves it. Imagine, all the knowledge, cars, and money of a 30 year old in a top shape 17 year old body. Zac uses his transformation to help his son find confidence and his daughter realize what a loser her dick head boy friend (Hunter Parrish) is. In a reverse Graduate-move, he even finds a way back into his wife’s heart. Like anyone could say no to someone as hot as him.

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Jacob Pitts and Scott Mechlowicz shirtless in EuroTrip

Although Travis Wester is cute in his own way, the two hot guys in EuroTrip are definitely Scott Mechlowicz as Scott Thomas and Jacob Pitts as Cooper Harris. Cooper is always on the look out for easy sex and takes every opportunity to get naked with the European women and even some men. Scott is looking for love but is game when it comes time to visit the most popular nude beach in France. Scott has the cutest face with perfect lips and beautiful eyes. His dark skin with light jock muscle tone and semi hairy chest is oh so sweet.

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young Chris O'Donnell shirtless in Disney's Three Musketeers

With NCIS Los Angeles wrapped up for the summer I was in a Chris O’Donnell movie mood and decided to watch one of my favorites with him; The Three Musketeers. Chris was so cute as D’Artagnan and his character’s coy attitude around the women so sexy.The Chris O’Donnell D’Artagnan is distinctly different than an equally sexy portrayal by Justin Chambers in The Musketeer. Justin looks every bit as good but plays the role differently.

The scene where Chris  wakes up in the Countess D’Winter’s  room wearing nothing except his underpants is fun on so many levels. First Chris O’Donnell is very easy to look at. Second is the acting and awkwardness he shows as the countess attempts to seduce him. He leaps from the bed and turns to show his young hairless body with very little fat. Even then, you can see that Chris is developing into a hunky man. Look at his pecs, shoulders, and arms. The Countess clearly intimidates the young D’Artagnan.

When Justin Chambers strips down to go for a swim with the lady of his interest there is no awkwardness at all. Maybe it is because of the CK modeling, maybe its his acting, or because he knows that he looks good. Justin is shirtless in the water ready for some fun when things turn ugly. Shots are fired and he is forced to swim to safety. Even covered with mud and blood from a graze wound on his arm, Justin Chambers looks great.


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